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As we know CBSE Boards make many students nervous or scared as there is so much to prepare in such a small span of time Tips for cbse board will help in planing your schedule & will get maximum out of you Many of you have prepared well but they don’t know 

  • How to revise the vast syllabus?
  • Which book to refer?
  • How many hours to study?

While trying to figure out answers to above question they compromise on the most important aspect i.e. Students HEALTH just imagine students prepare for the board's exam throughout the year whether it's 

  • Unit tests
  • Mock Boards
  • Practical’s Exam
  • Viva

All their efforts, hard work will go in vain if they got sick at the time of their board exams so keeping track of your health is very important apart from this there are plenty of tips and tricks that we have shared Below which will help students in enhancing their performance.

Listed below few tips for CBSE Board students Class X & XII on how to enhance their performance in CBSE Boards Exam.

 1) Textbooks are the key to success

To be very practical if you want to Score well in CBSE Boards Exam NCERT Books are the key to scoring good marks. We are not against any reference books it’s just they just don’t serve the purpose of CBSE exams and (75-80) % of boards papers comes from NCERT only remaining (20-25)% are HOTS (High Order Thinking Skills) which are concept based questions.

2) Keep Testing Keep Improving

We all have seen many students who never appear or prepare for any test whether it’s Unit Test or Mock Boards either are too scared or they are not much concern about it. The test helps us in understanding how much we know and how much we can write about it there are students who are well prepared for the exam but they did not do well as they have never written or test themselves before an exam they lost battle because of nervousness, time management, silly mistakes which they keep repeating. Always try to Score more than your last exam. Keep improving your previous exam Keep a target of performing better than in the last exams.

3) Time Your Efforts

If we plan our day only then we will realize on daily basis we are engaged in many activities which are neither important not urgent. Prepare a schedule for yourself keeping all subjects in mind start strict implementation of that schedule make that schedule dealing with days or even with hours when your exams are nearby.

4) English is the key to Success (XII)

Whenever we interact with students we have found majority of them don’t focus on English especially in class 12th they have this mindset that’s it's quite easy and does not and require same hours of study time as compare to another subject so generally they only focus on it at the time of their board exam preparatory leaves due to which they end up scoring (65-70) marks in exam in subject like English which they only prepared for the literature part. So just imagine from today if you start giving 2 hours daily to both literature section and writing part it only helps in increasing your overall result but also gives you a competitive edge as compared to your friend who will pick the books first time at the time of the exam. Practice and comprehension skills on a regular basis newspaper reading will help in achieving the objective. Work on your writing skill write essays articles letter and make sure to get these evaluated by your teacher so you where you are making mistakes writing regularly helps you express ideas clearly and explicitly.

5) Work on your weakness

Plan for your weakness whether is topics which you don’t understand or mistakes pattern which you keep on repeating. Sit with the school teacher and tuition teachers subject wise discuss topics which have marks weight age and prepare them accordingly discuss your answer sheet try to see where you have lost marks plan a identify your weakness and plan

Tips For CBSE Boards
Tips For CBSE Boards



6) Solve previous year’s exam papers

Solving previous year papers will not only help you in getting more confidence which is crucial it helps you in practicing time management as the exam can be lengthy, time management is critical to be able to complete it. Many times question comes from previous years CBSE Boards exams and if you are lucky you might get 3-4 questions as it is which you had already practiced.

Tips For CBSE Boards Exam
Tips For CBSE Boards


7) Take care of your Health

All your hard work will go in vain if you don’t care about your health. We have seen plenty of cases where students were so much focused on their exam that they started skipping meals increase caffeine intake and compromised on their sleep. All this make them sick due to which they were not able to perform as per their caliber.

  • Take a small break of few minutes after every couple of hours.
  • Maintain a regular sleep pattern allow you into a wonderful sleep.
  • Unless really necessary, avoid caffeine. They may lengthen your waking time. But they can also disturb your sleep, reduce the grasping capacity of the brain, and make you feel tired when you wake up next day. Instead of tea or coffee, have lemon water or green tea.

8) Stress on important formula/points

Always keep a notepad while studying and jot down important formulas and points chapter wise this will help you in keeping them in your retention also give you a quick go through at the time Boards Exam.

9) Study in group once in a while

Studying group help you in learning faster by working together, students in study groups can generally learn faster than students working alone. For example, it could be possible that some part of the textbook that seems completely confusing to you could be quite clear to another student. Instead of spending valuable time puzzling over the difficulty, you can learn quickly by simply asking a question.

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